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Multinational companies are well off at Meijers. We deliver the highest quality international services for both Property & Casualty as well as Employee Benefits. Meijers is your single point of contact. Through our leading network alliances, we are able to cater for every Risk or Benefit question you may have.

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Specialty Business

At Meijers Global & Specialty, we specialize in chosen industries and solutions. Our expertise and culture of entrepreneurship gives us authenticity, flexibility and persistence to go beyond the routine and deliver tailor-made results for our clients. Through our partners, we access multiple markets that can offer the solutions our clients need. Our independence ensures that we remain directed towards our clients’ needs, providing the basis for strong long-term client relationships.


We offer a single point to access the increasingly complex risks for industries like:

  • Marine
  • Aviation
  • Cash & Transit
  • Financial Services
  • Energy & Construction


Working closely and seamlessly together with our international partners, our team offers solutions and propositions for:

  • Political Risk  
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Risk-consultancy solutions, such as Alternative Risk Transfer
  • Captives
  • And other specialty products and services

Our international network capacity

For years now, Meijers is a leading member of several networks of independent risk management consultants and insurance brokers:

  • Worldwide Broker Network (WBN)
  • Arthur J. Gallagher
  • Funk
  • Verspieren

Characteristic for all participants is their strong company profile, just like Meijers. This collaboration enables the exchange of specific professional knowledge, development of international services and first-rate local competence is guaranteed in almost any country worldwide.

What’s in it for you? 

Working with the Global & Specialty team results in control, transparency and compliance on your international risks. We provide an optimal mix of global programs and local placements. We service these together with our local partners that are best equipped for your business. You will have access to our digital environment where you have the real time policy data at your disposal at all times.

We are proactive and openly communicate on goals, expectations and results that are essential in a good relationship.  
We know your business. We will get things done. It’s a team effort.

Guido Verheijden, Director

Guido Verheijden, Director

I prefer to work with clients and to come up with solutions that fit their risk profile. That is, risk management with an eye for prevention and sound advice, also for the future. My background has always had an international aspect. The world is becoming increasingly international and complex, the risks are changing. We source solutions internationally for risks you need to consider in other countries. Think of political risks and war risks. Fortunately, we can use our international networks who provide extra purchasing capacity, even off the beaten track. After fifteen years, it’s a nice challenge to continue to shape Meijers Global & Specialty. We really get involved at Meijers. For me, that means staying true to your word, conducting business professionally, surprising the client, working together, and helping.

Vincent Verhagen, Senior Account Manager

Vincent Verhagen, Senior Account Manager

A long time ago, before my time at Meijers, I lived in Africa for two years where I was involved with mission work. When I got back I wanted to do anything except insurance. That did not happen. In fact, I have come to really enjoy advising and assisting clients in matters that are complex and unfamiliar. This is how we facilitate their entrepreneurship.

With the rapidly globalizing economy, companies are expanding internationally. There is an increasing demand for expertise in risk management. You cannot separate Meijers from our network partners with their local involvement and awareness of country-specific responsibilities and structures. Our insurance advice flows from this. I love this tension within international work – you never stop learning. 

Ruben Oostwouder, Corporate Account Manager

Ruben Oostwouder, Corporate Account Manager

My ten-year anniversary in insurance has already passed. My current position within the Global & Specialty team is interesting because of our clients’ increasing international business. They need sound advice and that is where Meijers provides added value. I focus on our network partners’ clients. We provide the services they promise their clients’ headquarters. Two things are important here: a good local partnership and optimal service. Add fast response time, knowledge of the client's activities, policies and coverages, appropriate action and being accessible – even outside office hours.

We also have something to prove because our international clients do not choose Meijers themselves. Their headquarters choose and that is where the challenge lies. When we offer a sound international service, the local contracts will naturally follow.

Jorinde Kea, Specialist

Jorinde Kea, Specialist

Our international desk advises foreign multinationals with entities in the Netherlands but also Dutch multinationals with entities abroad. I spend a lot of time arranging everything: each country has its own liabilities. We advise and indicate whether it is desirable to arrange matters locally. For example, good employment practices are very important in the Netherlands.

No two days are the same with so many different tasks. I am not only dealing with 250 Meijers colleagues, but also with 10,000 colleagues from our international partner networks. Together, we serve the client as optimally as possible. Our small committed team has a winning mentality – only 100% counts. We are fanatic, and you can see that in our work.

Rutger den Bruigom, Account Specialist Global Mobility

Rutger den Bruigom, Account Specialist Global Mobility

As an account specialist in global mobility, I advise on anything related to employees for companies operating internationally. My clients are mainly foreign companies that settle in the Netherlands, but also Dutch companies with employees who go abroad. More and more companies aim to offer the same employee benefits packages in all countries. The Dutch like to arrange a lot for their staff while foreign companies keep benefits more basic. The Netherlands has a good business climate, but also strict rules in the field of employee benefits. Companies need a specialist to translate the complicated regulations. We have insurance know-how and we also know when the employment conditions are in line with the market. I enjoy conversations with foreign clients about the Dutch benefits landscape, and vice versa, connecting Dutch clients with our international partners. My aim is to unburden our clients and their employees.

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How we are different

  • Flexible networks
  • Transparent reporting on all insurance lines, not just global
  • Blind spot schedule
  • Real time, 24/7 online access

Why we are different

  • A leading member of several global broker networks
  • Managing risk with crucial understanding of local exposure 
  • Creating insight in exposure and compliance
  • Online tools disclose global policy placements in all lines
  • We do what we promise and show what we do
  • This family owned business lives by its values

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