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Data breach due to incorrect email address
Wed 21 October 2020

The data that ICT companies receive from their clients can be very confidential. Invo… Read more

Man met handen in het haar2

Contract deadline not met. What now?
Wed 8 July 2020

The execution of a complex ICT project often takes longer than planned, resulting in … Read more

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Entrepreneur Rob handed over € 50,000 – Cyber Crime case
Wed 8 July 2020

“If I didn't pay, I would be worse off"An infected file subsequently revealed that th… Read more

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duurzame inzetbaarheid lowres

Group health insurance scheme for you and your employees
Mon 6 December 2021

Have you already thought about your health insurance for 2022? The new premiums are k… Read more


Brexit: points of attention for cross-border interests
Tue 15 December 2020

The outcome of Brexit is still very uncertain. In the United Kingdom, the current EU … Read more

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Q&A coronavirus
Thu 19 March 2020

The outbreak of the coronavirus causes a massive disruption of life worldwide. At Mei… Read more

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