About Meijers

We are an insurance broker. We identify the risks specific to you or your business, cover these risks when necessary and offer continuity in the event of unforeseen loss. So you can focus fully on your business.

At Meijers, your interests are in safe hands. We have in-house specialists in all lines of risk management. We remain close to you, because it is important to gain a proper understanding of where your priorities lie. In partnership with you, we look for and find the appropriate solutions to ensure your continuity.

Because that is what we hold dear. Continuity. It is the essence of business and human trust. And to live up to that, we always go the extra mile.


Family company

We do business from the heart. We are a family business by origin, established in 1973 by Jaap and Tineke Meijers. We have developed into a professional company with more than 300 people and the family is still involved. Generation thinking is enshrined in our genes. 

What is Meijers renowned for? A focus on service, commitment, determination and ambition. We are building on the future, the long-term. For our customers, for society and for ourselves.

Meijers is a member of FBNed | Familiebedrijven Nederland (Family Business Network of the Netherlands). FBNed is the inspiring network for family businesses and entrepreneurial families.FBNed logo + rgb


Core values

Our employees are our most valuable asset. Although each employee has his or her own work style, the foundation is the same for everyone. And that feeling is intense.  

Our core values primarily focus on the importance of the relationship between the customer, broker and insurer. Our aim is to build long-term partnerships and we give this our all. Because by being decisive, we can really make things happen. In some cases, there are obvious solutions, whereas at other times, the situation calls for creativity, to think outside the box. Whilst always taking account of the environment and society. Meijers does business from the heart, with a human dimension.

  • Decisiveness
  • Free-thinking 
  • Building on relationships 
  • Drive from the heart

In-house partners

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Our Power of Attorney activities are carried out by a separate entity. 

We will place your insurance with this entity when the conditions and premium are well suited to your situation. 

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Specialist in credit insurance and associated products.

We form part of the Worldwide Broker Netwerk , the largest worldwide network of independent insurance brokers.

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A focus on keeping the level of claims to a minimum in the event of absenteism.

Integrated advice, looking at finances and people. Solutions for employer and employee.

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International network WBN

The Worldwide Broker Network is the largest worldwide network of independent risk management consultants and insurance brokers. Our membership gives our clients access to specific professional knowledge in the international insurance market. Meijers is able to provide local expertise in all countries that are of relevance to our customers.

More than 100 members operate throughout the world, with a premium income of around $35 billion. It is a unique network. The collaboration has been built up solidly over the past years and friendships have been made. All members apply firm unambiguous procedures about quality and speed of service. For example, we provide the Green Cards for fleets in France, but we also insure a fishmeal factory in Vietnam.


We ensure transparency in terms of the remuneration we receive. This generally consists of a commission-based payment from insurers, which is a percentage of the premium charged. There are also other forms of payment, such as a fee-based payment. We come to clear agreements about this beforehand and these are set out in a separate service provision agreement.

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