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 Risk management is the bread and butter of asset managers, investment funds, family offices, merchant banks, or fintech companies. Unfortunately, liability risks are never far away. Something you will want to avoid at all times are any liabilities which may affect your personal assets. Although Directors' and Officers' liability insurance is not obligatory, the costs of loss or damage caused by a Director's error can be considerable, and these types of ommissions are often difficult to foresee.

Meijers speaks the language of the investment professional. Whilst the primary focus for the client is on a responsible yield, Meijers' task is to identify the liability risks, so that our clients feel free to do what they are good at, namely IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, and fund management. Our priority is to protect personal assets in the context of Directors and Officers' liability. You can regard us as an experienced partner with knowledge of risk management and various financial aspects.


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Roberto Ramdin, Manager Liability

Roberto Ramdin, Manager Liability

Meijers likes to keep abreast of new developments, which is why we explored the ‘SPAC’ phenomenon. Partly because of our knowledge and experience in D&O insurance, we are able to change course quickly. We are one of the first companies to insure a number of SPACs in the Netherlands. In the future, the reputation of directors and supervisory board members will become increasingly important. As an investor, you place your trust in these people, and that is where the success lies.

I get a kick out of thinking about and finding an insurance solution for the most complicated risks. Armed with our knowledge, we move with the changing rules that apply to insuring SPACs. We use our capabilities to offer specialist, bespoke solutions to our (international) customers.

Johanna Boonstoppel, Account manager

Johanna Boonstoppel, Account manager

Your insurance issues are what excites me, and I like nothing better than to get stuck into finding seemingly unachievable insurance solutions. At Meijers, I am responsible for Meijers Added Value [Meijers Meerwaarde] and liability-related issues.

It is great to work in an environment in which dedication, authenticity, and professional skill are highly appreciated. I want to be there for you when it comes to identifying your (liability) risks, so that you feel you have the space to do what you are good at, while focussing on protecting your personal assets.

Marcel Besemer, Senior Account Specialist

Marcel Besemer, Senior Account Specialist

I find this line of business hugely interesting due to the combination of daring entrepreneurship and sometimes risky investments. Investment funds and participation companies are playing an increasingly important role in the world of commerce. It is a risky industry with a large number of external lenders. There is an awful lot that can go wrong, such as insufficient returns, bankruptcy, claims by investors, incorrect advice, or errors made in the field of legislation and regulations. Directors and officers can be held personally liable as a result.

Every day, I research economic developments, make sure I understand the figures, and expose risks, so that I can provide high-quality advice in consultation with insurers. That is what I am passionate about. The right cover for an investment firm and their directors and officers and employees, for the best price. 

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Marcel Besemer

With a small, committed team, we work very consiously and proactively for a select circle of clients in the financial sector. 

Protect your personal assets at all times. 

Opt for insurance specialists with plenty of experience and knowledge of financial affairs.