Space for entrepreneurship

A real estate owner or commercial investor business will improve with an insurance advisor who understands him. Investing in a sustainable relationship with our clients is essential to us. We are a company who comes along side you and unburdens you completely – and who also knows what entrepreneurship is.

The big picture

Meijers acts in the interest of the client, with an eye for the bigger picture. From development to delivery to management. When it comes to coverage we look further than just real estate alone. Think for example of loss of rent, vacant buildings or advice on valuations. In addition, we possess the knowledge of the smallest details in the field of liability, property, damages and environmental legislation. Our focus is always on prevention. Our volume of insurance policies offers a strong negotiating position with insurers.

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Simon de Witte, Senior Account Manager (EN)

Simon de Witte, Senior Account Manager (EN)

Meijers is more than a broker. I’m also a sparring partner for my clients, someone who can show risks as transparent and negotiable. The human touch is essential to doing business at Meijers and I fully relate to that approach. Our team remain in close contact with insurers so that we can spring into action when it really matters, for example with established clients, but also with private investors who enter real estate because of the low interest rate. Good advice about risks is crucial in all cases. Because as you know: "the devil is in the detail".

Rianne Bakker, Account Manager (EN)

Rianne Bakker, Account Manager (EN)

The better VvE managers understand the insurance process, the more we can do for them. For example, we work together on optimal client service based on shared knowledge. Solving complex issues, identifying all risks and negotiating the best result under the right insurance, that's what it's all about. Good to know: From Meijers in Vastgoed [Real Estate] we organize courses and workshops for owners' associations affiliated with Meijers. This way they learn more about damage repair or they get an inside look at the insurance world. Educational!

Jamal Jermoumi, Senior Claims Handler (EN)

Jamal Jermoumi, Senior Claims Handler (EN)

In my work I’m both creative and pragmatic – it varies. Much like the claims I process: always slightly different. Due to the constant contact I have with clients, insurers, experts and repairers, I realize all too well that insurance is teamwork. Within the team, I’m the first point of contact for the clients when it comes to real estate damage. I often immediately jump into the car after a report has been made to be able to assist the client – even in the weekend or in the middle of the night. That is part of it and gives me energy. It’s important to be there when someone needs you.

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What our clients say

"It is very pleasant to work (together) with Meijers. All our insurance policies have been placed with them. Not least because of their clear communication and fast response."

Bart Bruggeman, Financial director Zadelhoff