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Illness and absence are matters that can exercise many minds within an organisation. This is primarily a job for the HR manager, but also something that the CFO should keep a close eye on. ‘Forty-second week’ notifications whilst on sick leave, ARBO (occupational health and safety) contracts, reintegration processes. WIA (The Work and Income according to Working Capacity act), WGA (Return to Work Scheme for the Partially Disabled) and IVA (Income Provision Scheme for Fully Occupationally Disabled People)…  Insure these yourself or through the UWV (Social Security Agency)?

It is complex matter, but one which Meijers Sick Leave & Disability Support is ideally placed to assist with. In all cases, this relates to reducing costs for employers and the long-term availability of employees.

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Meijers Sick Leave & Disability Support

If our clients are faced with illness and occupational incapacity, our partner  Meijers Sick Leave & Disability Support can help you. The focus is always on minimising the costs for employers and placing an emphasis on the long-term employability of employees.

  • administrative work involved in claims in respect of insurers
  • support in minimising the costs of sickness absence and inflow into the WIA advice at file level as from week 13 or week 42 regarding interventions and other actions in order to minimise the duration of the sickness absence
  • checking whether insurers can (partially) refund the costs of interventions
  • advice about objecting to WIA (The Work and Income according to Working Capacity Act) decisions and requesting reassessments
  • support in the obligations associated with the WGA (Return to Work Scheme for the Partially Disabled) self-insurance
  • on your behalf, Meijers Sick Leave & Disability Support can deal with the application for premium waiver for pension

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Our social security legislation

has undergone significant

changes in recent years.


As an employer, you have to deal with

many rules if an employee is ill.

Read our tips to minimise the damage.



In the event of absenteeism on account of illness,

this soon involves high stakes and a lot of money.

Meijers Sickness Absence and WIA Support

offer employers visibility and control.