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Almost every organization depends on well-functioning ICT, we don't have to tell you that. But what happens if something goes wrong? A data breach, a system error that causes a project to be delivered late, an incorrect patch or something else ... There is always a risk that someone will hold you liable. And that is undesirable, because it costs an unnecessary amount of money and is bad for the image of your company.

We help in limiting any damages and in keeping costs transparent – not only during or after an incident, but also beforehand. Also by thinking about sound conditions, preventive measures, mapping scenarios and finding competitive deals in the insurance market.

We pay close attention to liability risks and risks to employees, with knowledge of the ICT sector and risk management in general. Of course, you can easily take out a business and professional liability insurance, but how can you be sure that the conditions are optimal and that you do not pay too much?

We have a comprehensive insurance vision, also when it comes to second opinions. Once everything is in place, you can easily monitor the insurance solution via the online dashboard. This gives you complete control.


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Fabian Jongmans, Senior Teamleider (EN)

Fabian Jongmans, Senior Teamleider (EN)

Technology entrepreneurs want to continuously improve, to develop. I share that passion and always see room for improvement. That is also one of the reasons that I have become Product owner of "My Meijers". Entrepreneurs want to go further, without suffering the consequence of the risk. It has to done well and Meijers must achieve maximum results. I like to build a trusting relationship with my clients. I work hard to earn that trust every day. At Meijers we make the difference because we have the knowledge in house and arrange the best deals. It goes beyond risk management and insurance. If possible, we bring our clients into contact with partners who love entrepreneurship as much as we do.

Robert Ockhuizen, Senior Specialist Non-Life Insurance (EN)

Robert Ockhuizen, Senior Specialist Non-Life Insurance (EN)

I have been a specialist in liability insurance for more than 15 years. In between I was also an English teacher. I love to get to the bottom of things – a real specialist. I find professional liability and cyber interesting. You first need to understand ICT companies technically to be able to make a good risk analysis. The trick is to understand how processes work and to provide insight into the associated risks. That means continuously learning as every company is different and works with different systems. It’s precisely this breadth of ICT that I enjoy. The short lines of communication and the body of knowledge is the reason why clients choose Meijers. I have considerable client contact in which I explain complex matters in regular and easy to understand language. That's the teacher in me!

Wendy Blijleven, Manager Employee Benefits (EN)

Wendy Blijleven, Manager Employee Benefits (EN)

My profession is about insurable employment conditions. In addition to retirement, we are also an advisor for care and income. Complicated topics at first glance, but it’s actually very simple. It’s always about incapacity for work, life and death. I think it’s cool to make pensions tangible, for both employee and employer. For example, young people don't think about saving for later. But at the age of 68 you are not going to run a newspaper district for additional income. When I explain that, they think "there is something in that". I’m a Jack of all trades. I like everything – as long as I can help people. We set up terms of employment from A to Z. We hold employee presentations. We conduct individual interviews, always with a personal approach – that is our strength. We approach the clients with great care and attention and with the right tone or voice. The clients’ wishes are a priority to me.

Tom Rijgersberg, Practice Leader (EN)

Tom Rijgersberg, Practice Leader (EN)

My ICT career is characterized by diversity in sectors and roles as a programmer, scientist, consultant and strategist. I prefer to combine the hardcore nerd side with the business manager. With that experience in mind, I take on the role of the client. I like that the most, discovering new things, making connections and involving the client. The developments in IT, such as in AI (Artificial Intelligence) offer many opportunities, but also risks. I advise on cyber insurance and have a huge network of cyber specialists. If we cannot offer a solution, I will refer you. Cyber ​​cooperation is increasingly common and always a win-win situation. As an engineer you only want one thing: to solve problems. Always from the client's perspective. It starts with defining the client's demand. Transparency, involvement and expertise are essential in this respect. We’re not pulling a fast one here, we’re not chasing, and we don't make it more attractive than it is.

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What our clients say

“Because Meijers manages our insurance package completely it saves us a lot of thinking [headaches]. Through their regular account management, we can quickly agree on coverage or if fine-tuning is needed, even when we have changes or have made improvements.  The moment of truth, in our experience is by emergencies.  We have seen our coverage “in action” many times, and every time to full satisfaction. Service 9+”

Michel van Joolen, Set Services

"The cooperation with Meijers is always very smooth and pleasant."

Mark Rosier, Credit & Collections, Decos

"Meijers helps us innovate. They always think in terms of practical solutions."

Maurtis Koopman, Founder Scanmovers