More valuables to insure?

If life has been good to you in a material sense, then you naturally want to care for your valuables. Whether it concerns a house, holiday home, art collection, jewellery, a motorboat, sailing yacht or a small fleet of vehicles, it’s good to know that with Meijers Meerwaarde you are insured with a unique tailor-made package.

Customer intimacy is our top priority. This special relationship of trust ensures that many business relations have also placed their private interests with us.

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Private insurance of high quality

Having more capital naturally offers more opportunities but can also lead to more risks. It's nice to have someone close by with knowledge of the situation. Meijers is an independent insurance advisor. We can purchase insurance products with the most comprehensive conditions from insurers in the Netherlands and abroad.

With the help of the Mijn Meijers online customer portal and regular contact moments with your account manager, you have insight into your complete risk coverage – up-to-date and complete.

Please contact: 

Johanna Boonstoppel, Account Manager, 
+31 (0)6 39 27 71 87

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Is your home sufficiently insured?

Remember that fire, water and the weather can cause major damage.

Valuation of valuables

We work with selected parties to accurately value your art and jewellery.

Do you own one or more exclusive cars?

Call us for a suitable insurance.

Group life insurance provides peace of mind

Wouldn't you also want your partner and/or children to be properly cared for in case of premature death?

We are there for you

Also when you travel. Have you thought about worldwide coverage for your family?

What our clients say

You will experience Meijers' personal and high-quality service from day one. They always think along with the customer and won’t give you a standard solution, but a tailor-made one.

Michela Burki

At Meijers it is all about putting the customer first. We appreciate the personal approach and commitment from a dedicated team.

Sieto Jonkers, Family Capital Management