Property risk management: safety and security for your business

At Meijers, we understand that a property risk insurance for your business is more than just a policy. It is an essential protection of your business continuity. Our property risk management experts are ready to give you advice on the best fire insurance policy for your business. We specialise in fire insurance policies that match the unique wants and  needs of your organisation. Our team first identifies your company's specific risks. Then  advises on implementing preventive measures to manage claims risks. This reduces the risk of damage and business downtime. The residual risk is covered by a premium fire insurance policy with the best possible terms.

Whether it is fire, storm, water damage that can cause damage to buildings, business equipment/inventory, goods resulting in business interruption, Meijers provides a customised cover. This ensures you have a solution that protects your business and suits your specific situation and needs. With the expertise of Meijers , your business gets the right protection so you can focus on what really matters: your business.

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Why take a fire insurance through Meijers?

Fire insurance comes in all shapes and sizes. We offer traditional solutions such as comprehensive peril insurance. Those provide cover in case of fire, theft, water damage or storm. But also cover for an specific conditions your business might have. This gives you tailor-made solutions.

As an experienced insurance broker, we use our knowledge to identify all possible risks for your business. This results in a clear risk profile, allowing us to offer you specific terms and conditions that seamlessly match your business situation.

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