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Cyber risks? Minimize them!

Doing nothing is not an option

Cyber risks are no longer new, just like IT is not. However, many organizations are reluctant to act on control measures regarding cyber risks. As long as nothing has happened to them, the consequences of a cyber-attack or system failure is often unclear. However, since we are all increasingly dependent on IT processes, it’s unwise to do nothing. Cyber risks are here to stay.

Cyber risks? Minimize them!


  • Company downtime
  • Repair costs
  • Fines and claims from third parties


  • Not being able to respond promptly and/or competently to an incident
  • Unnecessary escalation of an incident


  • Reputational damage

  • Loss of clients
  • Bankruptcy


  • You bear this risk 

Get to work!

Fortunately, the right partners and solutions are available for many aspects of cyber risks. The checklist below will help you gain better insight and limit your cyber risk.

Tom Rijgersberg, Practice Leader Cyber (EN)

Tom Rijgersberg, Practice Leader Cyber (EN)

In my 25 years of ICT, nine were in cyber consultancy. I have asked myself whether you should insure cyber risks because prevention is always better than a cure. But if things do go wrong there is a standstill, and possible claims from third parties. The organization must then jump into action mode as soon as possible. Can you manage that damage yourself? Who do you need to call? What should you do? I believe in a complete solution: prevention, detection and response – supplemented with damage insurance and a team of First Response experts. If Meijers cannot offer the solution, then I would like to refer you to someone else. Transparency, commitment and expertise are essential in cooperation. We’re not pulling a fast one here, and we don't make it more attractive than it is.

Tom Rijgersberg, t.rijgersberg@meijers.nl +31 (0) 6 386 756 13

Frank Oostrum, Account manager (EN)

Frank Oostrum, Account manager (EN)

Getting hit without knowing who's delivering the blow. Critical response time. Preventative measures can have financial consequences, rising rapidly. Desperation. To protect the "crown jewels" I must understand the company’s character. The stories make my work enjoyable. If you want to transfer cyber risks to an insurer, I advise and mediate when the insurance needs are complex. We view an insurance product as part of the solution. The starting point in discussions is a combination of prevention, safeguarding continuity & risk management, with insurance for residual risk as the final piece. That is why Meijers invests in high level expertise and knowledge in the field of cyber risk. We are at your service with a strong team. It starts with a good conversation. You may invite me for that.

 Frank Oostrumf.oostrum@meijers.nl +31 (0) 6 386 756 10

Robert Ockhuizen, Senior Specialist Non-Life Insurance (EN)

Robert Ockhuizen, Senior Specialist Non-Life Insurance (EN)

I have been a specialist in liability insurance for more than 15 years. In between I was also an English teacher. I love to get to the bottom of things – a real specialist. I find professional liability and cyber interesting. You first need to understand ICT companies technically to be able to make a good risk analysis. The trick is to understand how processes work and to provide insight into the associated risks. That means continuously learning as every company is different and works with different systems. It’s precisely this breadth of ICT that I enjoy. The short lines of communication and the body of knowledge is the reason why clients choose Meijers. I have considerable client contact in which I explain complex matters in regular and easy to understand language. That's the teacher in me!

Rob van Leyen, Senior Account Specialist Liability (EN)

Rob van Leyen, Senior Account Specialist Liability (EN)

“Many food companies have traditional liability insurance. They often underestimate their own needs. You also want to cover risks that, for example, relate to food safety, right? Or a recall? It’s precisely for these specific ‘food risks’ that few providers can be found in the insurance market. It’s our job to search carefully, to be open to new integrated options and to negotiate them well. At Meijers we like to come up with a complete and preventive solution. What I enjoy most is to draw up a broad risk advice together with our partners. Then we brainstorm about the business processes and a suitable insurance package. I want to know what keeps the client awake because that is when I arrive at the most appropriate advice. As an old hand in the profession (25+ years) I know that this approach works and that it leads to a lasting relationship. Clients feel Meijers’ enthusiasm and the personal approach. That makes my work fun.”

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