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Careers at Meijers

We are always on the lookout for good people.  If you are looking for an environment in which ambition and service forms the core value of the company, you will no doubt have a sense of belonging at Meijers.

Working for Meijers in Amstelveen means working with colleagues who are committed, entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, flexible and personal.  Always driven with a focus on results, teamwork being the prerequisite for success.  An eye for detail is extremely important in our profession. That is why our people are given the opportunity to pursue ongoing development.  To enable us to continue to deliver excellence.

Because that is exactly what our prominent national and global clients can expect from us.


For more information, either contact our HR Manager Marielle Hoogland-Sievers or HR Advisor Jacqueline Defourny at

As we are always looking for qualified and motivated people, open applications are always welcome.

What do we do exactly?

  1. During the consultancy stage, we examine the risks faced by our clients. Which risks are our clients able to bear and which risks should be borne by insurers.
  2. During the procurement phase, we assess where and how we assign the risks. This is at the very heart of our task as a broker.
    1. Through our Coverholder department. That is actually our in-house insurer. We accept insurances and we deal with claims, but this is always using the insurer’s capacity. Therefore, in the event of loss or damage we are not at risk.
    2. We purchase mainly employee and employers related insurance products in the Provincial market.
    3. For complex, non-standard risks, we offer customised solutions through the Insurance Bourse. In the Netherlands, there are only around 40 insurance brokers. We look for the most suitable risk carrier to underwrite the risk. Preferably we use our own terms and conditions of the insurance.
  3. Our specialists are responsible for claims handling. This includes motor vehicle, liability, property, transport and accidents  health. Dealing properly with claims is our trademark. After all, that is ‘the moment of truth’. At that time, we are there for our customers and we offer certainty. 


Our culture

Meijers is a family business by origin, established in 1973. Starting out from Jaap and Tineke Meijers’ bedroom, we have developed into a professional company with almost 200 people. Important qualities:  a focus on service, commitment, determination and ambition.

The average age is lower than 35 years.  Our staff devote a great deal of attention to development. This may be in formal training programmes, to on-the-job training. Meijers employs experienced specialists who like to share their knowledge and experience. Young starters can learn a lot from that.

We have a relatively flat organisational structure and we interact informally and professionally.