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Group Health Insurance Scheme for you and your employees

ma 6 december 2021

Have you given thought to your health insurance for 2022? The new premiums have been published and so are the Meijers group health insurance schemes. In this article you find an overview of what that means for your basic health insurance premium and top-up packages.

Meijers Group Insurance Schemes
In collaboration with CZ and VGZ, you, your employees and their families receive a 4% discount on the basic insurance via VGZ and a 5% discount from CZ through our group insurance scheme. The discount on top-ups is 10% for both. These groups focus on specific coverage in the field of prevention and various additional services for employees. This includes workshops and e-health programs to aid in improving health and/or lifestyle choices. A group health insurance scheme is more than just a discount. It offers the possibility to make agreements about (preventative) measures that are important for your company or industry. In this way, healthcare costs can ultimately be reduced or perhaps prevented.

Basic Health Insurance
Basic health insurance is compulsory for everyone living in the Netherlands. Every basic insurance has the same coverage. There is, however, a difference in the choice of healthcare provider:

  • Freedom choice with a reimbursement/refund policy
  • Contracted care with an in-kind policy
  • Supplemental insurance / top-ups

Supplemental insurance

In addition to the basic insurance you can select top-ups for supplemental cover and dental cover. Top-ups differ per insurer and the premiums can also differ greatly.

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